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A Platform Where Anyone Can Earn Bitcon By Doing Simple Activity.

A website where you can obtain passive income, our site offers you different ways to obtain free coins and then withdraw them to your wallet. .

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Our website will never ask you for personal information to register.

Our Vision

We have many ways to obtain income and rewards, we always seek that you obtain much more.

The Future

You will always receive your payments on time and instantly through any of our payment methods / FaucetPay or others.

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A Global Community Network

Our community is consisted of people from around the globe and that’s AceFaucet.com It is a website where anyone can obtain passive income, our site offers you different ways to obtain free bitcoins and with instant withdraw them to your wallet.

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Advertising service

Some advantages for advertising in our advertisement service

We have 100% real users who are similarly interested in advertiser ads or products.

It is great also our user has only 1 account in his/her lifetime this feature gives the advertiser more experience .

Our ad platform scams proof and we use Adblock or programs that block ads, so this means every user sees your ad. great ahh .

Automation Earning & Withdrawal

Scalable, Fast and Ultra Secure Transactions

On our platform we have auto faucet where users can earn btc without doing anything also we have other simple methods like fill captcha , view advertisement ads , visiting url shortener site more options which by doing user can earn more and quickly bitcoin .

Always you will get 100% bitcoin .

No comprosise on Bitcoins rate.

No, contacracts needed.


Powerful and Absolutely Secure Dashboard

If you are an advertiser or a user you will get a powerful dashboard where you can track everything . Advertisers can track daily views of advertisement ads and how much you spend on that  . Also a user can see every option to earn there , what things remain to earn more , daily earning Statistics , bitcoin withdrawals Statistics and more which users and advertisers need to know .

100% Secure

Withdrawal and deposits are 100% Secure with our payment gateways partners also we are user secure ssl certificate . which indicate 100%Secure .


Withdrawal and deposits and our many other things are automated .


Our dashboard is encrypted where hackers or scammers are not allowed which ensure and give more user friendly or secure options to our users and advertisers .


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Claim 0.0006 USD every 5 minutes.


Sponsered Links

Click Sponsered Links to earn money and energy.


Viewing Advertisement

View advertisement ads to earn money.



Complete achievements for extra money and energy.



Complete tasks, surveys to earn money.


Auto Faucet

Earn money just by leaving the Auto Faucet running.


Level System

Complete tasks, surveys to earn money.



Complete tasks, surveys to earn money.

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# Username Address Amount
7926nathanbb32MQLhTpRySf5WZpgdi7ninSPb7wzYZ1BPUQ0.01 USD
7925Drajat6391M94BVfwxJzLmucvHeogoqd7FH1p6vXNtZ0.0108 USD
7924mr_ssb_2418fHMNNwxna6n6GnttBXDA8fo5uy2h8EGu0.01 USD
7923viktor1968[email protected]0.0412 USD
7922Adeel5301HE1pUx1RhB3TU7qNwFSBWro3DarfupnE10.0102 USD
7921Duaaam[email protected]0.0109 USD
7920zoulla39RCGx8xamgwkoNZvKqXV5j5FZuzis2n1Z0.02732 USD
7919Sambolang[email protected]0.20601 USD
7918Sergei20221MmGEpZeHCCMdJS6Mr8vYSSquX2NJUiNpc0.0104 USD
7917Ferrystsineed093DsL2vAnRPsqcnyziuVSLvHmHyrTnhyLUn0.014138 USD
7916binevich12svy4FgZCySWF9DKXtLokrFTpdzNZthtA0.018226 USD
7915amsi1FFzkEXAhV9YZwwqFTWPSGQoEx8WMLgkX80.0101 USD
7914khosrohenareh1KLbAztySRGmnQ8haiEHV9QJhscy9wTZZm0.0106 USD
7913Ferrystsineed093DsL2vAnRPsqcnyziuVSLvHmHyrTnhyLUn0.011653 USD
7912mimiebc1qr9de9mkpqdlw83hxuyr4j5urzafejvlpv9yram0.01 USD
7911Ferrystsineed093DsL2vAnRPsqcnyziuVSLvHmHyrTnhyLUn0.017253 USD
7910Kaseer9596MQGWx5qCfocpwYZ3RmJLNCUjodhpVrJ58i0.128151 USD
7909sjdswedlgi1CCFp71zTjjhyEgnWxa2Anhmfe4Smj8NVx0.0108 USD
7908blodykasu1KGq6Z5Di6mXJ98yBLQ3TrYNGUoyATzc9j0.012 USD
7907Sisca3AXd3YGHVhxyG4tTqWbRtPFAZ6k37ekDMs0.018 USD
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